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Imagine any industry without competition.

In the airline business that would mean sky-high fares, no choices or amenities to enjoy, and an experience that leaves travelers feeling more like cattle than customers. Not a pretty picture.

But that very scenario is being played out at Dallas Love Field.

Love Field travelers have already been shocked by average fares that jumped 37% from 2007-2012 (according to an August 2013 report by MIT researchers), ranking it as the largest fare increase anywhere for an airport of this size. Unbelievable, right?

When Virgin America enters a market, they help lower fares and provide a different product choice – a win/win for the consumer and the City of Dallas.

30% lower fares

Virgin America’s entrance into the DFW-California markets in 2010 lowered fares at the time by more than 30%.

3 classes of service

Virgin America would be the only carrier at Love Field to offer three classes of service — including First Class, WiFi, in-seat power outlets and touch-screen seatback entertainment on every flight.

NEW fleet

Virgin America will also benefit the neighborhoods surrounding Love Field as their NEW fleet of A320 aircraft is 15% quieter than the competition.

There’s more than enough love to go around.
Sign the petition and stand with us to make it a ‘fare’ fight.

Cheers to a little friendly competition.